Date Advisor Review

DateAdvisor will help you get better dates. Hooking up nowadays might be easy with all the available sites that offer the service. However, some of these sites have bogus handlers and you will most likely be lead on instead of finding romance. You don’t l have to look far though if you want an honest to goodness site where you can interact and eventually meet-up with real dates. DateAdvisor is the answer to your search.

Serious Relationships

Serious relationship

If you are looking for a serious relationship, you need to invest time and energy in your search.  DateAdvisor has some serious relationship sites that might work for you.

1. Sweet and Casual –

It has a crisp interface with great imagery during the sign-up process. On top of that, Sweet and Casual is available in 18 languages. It has a TIndr like-feature where you can flirt to break the ice. The downside is the lack of originality of the website. Overall though, Sweet and Casual provides a clean and simple dating experience. You won’t get any hype although that comes with the premium membership.

2. Well Hello –

Well Hello is a dating website that is best for both hookups and serious relationships. They have a fun design to use which is similar to social networks. Unlike other dating websites, Well Hello has a $1 trial (for 24 hours) that unlocks all of the features. Free accounts are a bad experience with all the ads that are popping up and have limited features. You can try the $1 and see if you like what Well Hello has available. This is the only means to chat with members. You get better chances of being scammed by sketchy dating sites. As a precaution, you will avoid fake accounts if you avoid answering private messages and respond to profiles with less attractive pictures.

3. Flirt Loft –

This has something special to offer to start with. You get to complete a sweet and nice survey to set-up your profile and afterwards, you are invited to use some of its more interesting features: video chat, calls and many more. Matches are shown based on your criteria. You have two currencies that you can use: cash and credits. Flirt Loft is a remarkable experience for sex lovers.

4. Hot Sex Buddies –

Hot Sex Buddies is a website catering to people looking for sex. It is made up of a large international community where you can exchange and share kinks, plus many more. Finding local members looking for sex is quite direct, yet the layout is not designed properly and quite dated.  You might want to join the site to see X-rated content but this is a paid feature. Still, Hot Sex Buddies has an enjoyable execution since you don’t have to jump through the hoops to achieve your goal.

Hook-up and Flirt

Flirting is fun if you have the right person to interact with. Here are some sites where you can engage in some light flirting which could lead to serious hook-ups.

1. Ashley Madison –

This is one of the most popular websites for discreet and extramarital affairs between men and women. Majority of the members are looking for casual relationships which might veer to sexual orientations. The plus for women is that membership is completely free for them. This includes browsing profiles and creating a favourites list. However, advanced options like emails, virtual gifts, chats and personalized messages are behind a paywall. You have to be vigilant about fake profiles and spam messages that abound.  The ratio of men vs women is skewed in favour of the men though.

2. Victoria Mila –

With more than 5 million members all over the world, Victoria Milan is able to arrange extramarital affairs. The good news is that it has added levels of security which is a landmark in the business. Fake profiles are reduced at the signup process where there are reCAPTCHA and email verifications. The profile pictures are moderated and can be touched up with tools for anonymity. It is like a  social network without the clutter. You have to wait for your photo to be approved before you can see those from other members. Advanced search can be easily overlooked. The service is quite pricey though.

Online Sex

Now this is what you go online for, isn’t it?

1. Sinful Buddies –

This site has been offering a safe place for adults who are willing to have sex with like-minded individuals.  It is one of the top naughty websites for those looking for dates. The user experience is quite simple, the layout doesn’t pose any problem. The search function might be kind of distracting. The free account allows to you see member profiles, but all the other features are paid which is the downside.  If you are willing to go premium, this is an engaging experience.

2. Adult Friend Finder –

One of the top 100 most visited websites in America, it is your pass to the world of pleasure, having the largest membership base of any adult site. The website has been created to stimulate sexual fantasies or desires.  It has done a great job doing this with the content it has which includes videos, blogs, photos and cam feeds.  Adult Friend Finder is an authority website for dating in the adult hookup market.  Premium membership is recommended since the free features are limited. Most of the members are happy with the service and as long as you are not very picky, you will have a lot of interaction on the site.

3. Snap Sext – 

Snap Sext is the adult version of Snap Chat. You can find profiles based on specific physical traits and interests.  You will have a straightforward experience, although the interface is too flashy instead of utilizing a minimalist approach. There are a lot of fake profiles and bots on the app. The deal-breaker is the pricing model though.

4. Fuckbook –

This is a dating website which targets people who are looking for casual sexual relationships. It has a unique IceBreaker feature that helps you look for members who have the same interests. It is nice to look at and easy to navigate. There are a lot of fake profiles and you might get a lot of spam messages. The free features are quite limited and there are so man ads that are featured.

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